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Single Leg Exercises

Single leg training is a great way to switch up your normal routine and fire the muscles in a different way. Here are some of my favorite single leg exercises!

I suggest 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Alternate sides each set so that you need little to no rest between exercises.


 Lunge- Back Foot Elevated

Start in a split stance with back foot on a bench or chair. Lower down into your lunge by bending the back knee. Slightly lean forward as you lower down but make sure to keep your back flat. Beginners start with a lower bench and no weights.

Ex Demo- Lunge Back Foot Elevated 1



Ex Demo Lunge Back Foot Elevated 2

Single Leg Hip Thrust

Position yourself face up with your shoulder blades on a bench or chair. Put one leg up in the air. Drive up by pushing through the heel of the foot on the floor. Try to use the glutes to push up into a flat back position. Make sure you do not arch the back and "thrust" the movement up. Tuck your pelvis at the top of each rep. You should feel the glutes doing the work. Beginners start with both feet on the floor.

Ex Demo- Single Leg Hip Thrust





Ex Demo- Single Leg Hip Thrust 2

Single Leg Hamstring Ball Curl

This is a difficult exercise so if you are not able to keep your form doing the single leg version then do the traditional ball curl using both legs. Start by lying on your back with one leg extended out on top of a stability ball. With your arms on the floor lift your hips up. Roll the ball in and out using the working leg while keeping the other leg up in the air. Try to keep your hips up the whole time. If you are not able to keep the hips up the entire set then come down to the floor after each rep.


Ex Demo- Single Leg Ham Ball Curl 1






Ex Demo- Single Leg Ham Ball Curl 2