Pregnancy Program

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Course Description

Did you know that working out during pregnancy means you’re less likely to suffer from common pelvis and lower back pain?

It can also help you gain a more appropriate weight during pregnancy.

Some of the benefits of staying active during pregnancy are: reducing the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, unplanned c sections, increasing energy and boosting mood, improving sleep quality, easing constipation and bloating, enhancing overall mental wellness, reducing hip, lower back, and pelvis pain, and having stronger endurance , which can help lead to a shorter active labor.

Just 20 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times a week can enhance your baby's brain development, as per a University of Montreal study.

Pregnancy workouts not only keep your body healthy, but they also work wonders for your brain! Exercise boosts mood, vitality, and overall well-being while reducing brain shrinkage and enhancing cognitive function. How cool is that?!

Working out during pregnancy also means you’re more likely to have a quicker and smoother recovery postpartum.

This is not the time for extreme workouts. Focused, intentional movement that helps set you up for a healthy pregnancy and better recovery is the goal of this program.

This program is broken up into 4 sections: Intro, 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester. 

The workouts include some traditional exercises and lots of specific movement beneficial for pregnancy, such as diaphragmatic breathing, posture correction, deep core activation, mobility work, and more. Because our core canister is all connected from our diaphragm, abdominals, hip flexors and pelvic floor, we will be working on a whole body approach. This is way more focused than just doing kegels or bird dogs! 

The routines are shorter in length so that it's easier to fit them in if you're busy or tired.

Recommended equipment:

mat or carpet

dumbbells (light, medium, heavy)

long, light resistance band (not too heavy)

pilates ball or squishy playground ball

bench or sofa or ottoman

loop band for above the knees (fabric Hip Circle band or rubber mini loop) light to medium resistance

Disclaimer and Warnings:

Check with your healthcare provider before beginning this or any exercise program. BekahFit is for information purposes only and not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or heal any diseases, illnesses, ailments, physical injuries or abnormalities. 

You exercise at your own risk and take full responsibility for how your body responds to these or any exercises. You agree to hold BekahFit not liable for any and all injuries that might occur or possibly occur as a result of your movements.

BekahFit is based on my education and personal experience. Not every program or exercise is right for every person. Proper execution of the exercises is necessary to prevent injury and to see results. This program is not a substitute for any kind of professional advice. Stop any exercise if you feel discomfort or dizziness and consult your healthcare provider immediately. Do not do this program if you have any pre-existing health or orthopedic conditions. If you do choose to do this program, you agree to not hold Bekah or BekahFit responsible for any illness, injury or issue that results from the program. 

By participating in this or any program created by BekahFit, you expressly acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer, and you have received your health care provider's permission/clearance to participate in the program.


Course Content

Intro - Foundational Info

Make sure to watch these videos before you begin the program! You will learn about the pelvic floor, deep core activation, diaphragmatic breathing, diastasis recti , and more!
Pelvic Floor Overview
Releasing the Pelvic Floor
Activating the Pelvic Floor
Transverse Abdominis (TVA)
Diastasis Recti
How to Get Up & Down, Sit Up, or Lift While Pregnant
Intro to Core Compressions
Resting & Active Diaphragmatic Breathing
Core Compressions with Breathing
Mouth Positions for Breathing

First Trimester

During this trimester, you can do similar workouts to what you were already doing before. But we're going to introduce some focused deep core work along with breathing patterns during exercises and focused mobility work. You should still be able to lay on your back comfortably throughout this trimester. So take advantage of really being able to focus on activating your deep core muscles and pelvic floor. You will need this connection as you progress through the rest of your pregnancy. And you will REALLY need it for recovery. That's why we're doing this focused work now! If you tend to like certain workouts more than others, you can do those more often! Movement is what's important, so as you go through these videos, you can keep coming back to your favorites. Or, if you only have enough time or energy to do the shorter ones, do those. In other words, create your own schedule based on your life factors as you move through this program! If you can move every day, that's great. If you can only manage 3 times a week, then that will work too!
1st Tri - Upper Body Burn (20 minutes)
1st Tri - Express Lower Body (16 minutes)
1st Tri - Squishy Ball Core 1 (12 minutes)
1st Tri - Full Body Mobility Routine (15 minutes)
1st Tri - Plate Abs (16 minutes)
1st Tri - Great Glutes 6 (22 minutes)
1st Tri - Lower Body Stretch (8 minutes)
1st Tri - Basic Back Workout (17 minutes)
1st Tri - No Equipment (6 minutes)
1st Tri - Hip 90/90 (7 minutes)
1st Tri - Total Body - All Standing Moves (21 minutes)
1st Tri - Wall Angels (4 minutes)
1st Tri - Adductor Flow (8 minutes)
1st Tri - Heart Butt (20 minutes)
1st Tri - Express Back & Shoulders (15 minutes)
1st Tri - Stretch Routine (11 minutes)
1st Tri - Low impact Cardio (20 minutes)
1st Tri - Back & Triceps (25 minutes)
1st Tri - Floor Leg Workout (32 minutes)
1st Tri -Seated Core & Inner Thighs (8 minutes)
1st Tri - Express Back Routine (11 minutes)

Second Trimester

The second trimester is often called "The Golden Trimester" because your symptoms of nausea and fatigue have usually subsided. This is the time to make use of your energy and the fact that your belly isn't too big yet. During this trimester, we're really going to make sure we are using proper form with all of our movements. It takes practice and reps to change faulty patterns and create "good" ones. Learning to be aware when it feels right or wrong and then doing more and more of those successful reps is what primes the motor patterns in your motor cortex to be able to be performed in a more automatic way. That’s what we want! We want it to be automatic, especially to help avoid the aches, pains, and issues that come as you progress further into pregnancy and then into recovery. But it takes a lot of cognitive energy and concentration in the beginning to achieve a knew motor skill. So don’t worry if you aren’t “getting it” at first. Modifying movements will be necessary, so take breaks when needed and go at your own pace. When you find routines you like more than others and you're more motivated to do those, come back to those whenever you want. Finding motivation to workout or move intentionally can be hard during pregnancy. So repeat the workouts you really like if that makes you move more often throughout your week!
2nd Tri - Squishy Ball Core 2 (8 minutes)
2nd Tri - Quickie Lower Body (16 minutes)
2nd Tri - Quickie Back & Posture (11 minutes)
2nd Tri - Core Workout with Wall Sit (8 minutes)
2nd Tri - Lower Body Stretch (8 minutes)
2nd Tri - Move It 7 (20 minutes)
2nd Tri - Great Glutes - Floor (19 minutes)
2nd Tri - Express Upper Body (22 minutes)
2nd Tri - Hip 90/90 Flow (7 minutes)
2nd Tri - Forward Leaning Inversions
2nd Tri - Glute Bridges (10 minutes)
2nd Tri - Adductor Flow (8 minutes)
2nd Tri - Triceps & Posture (12 minutes)
2nd Tri - Legs Routine (14 minutes)
2nd Tri - Mid Back Pain Routine (12 minutes)
2nd Tri - Great Glutes - Standing (15 minutes)
2nd Tri - Total Body Circuit (11 minutes)
2nd Tri - Squishy Ball Core 3 (11 minutes)
2nd Tri - Side Lunge Sequence (14 minutes)
2nd Tri - Outer & Inner Thighs (8 minutes)
2nd Tri - Wall Angels (4 minutes)
2nd Tri - Hip Circle Glutes (13 minutes)
2nd Tri - Posture (17 minutes)
2nd Tri - Booty Blaster (19 minutes)
2nd Tri - Floor Routine, No Equipment (9 minutes)
2nd Tri - Glute Workout No Equipment (15 minutes)
2nd Trimester - Lats (6 minutes)
2nd Tri - Side Glutes (6 minutes)

Third Trimester

During this final trimester, we want to include pelvic floor relaxation and hip mobility movements. This helps us get comfortable in pushing positions and it lets our body get familiar with releasing tension. This helps baby navigate through the pelvis, which can aid in a smoother delivery. Did you know that your uterus pushes your baby out? This means that the pelvic floor actually needs to be relaxed and move out the way to allow baby to pass through. Although pelvic floor strength work is important during pregnancy, lengthening is equally important so that baby can easily navigate through the pelvis. From around 28+ weeks, it's important to try to include pelvic floor relaxation and hip mobility movements, getting comfortable in pushing positions. For this trimester, the routines include changes in hip positioning to open all levels of the pelvis, deep inhales to lengthen and relax the pelvic floor, and mobilization of the pelvis, lower back, and ribcage. It’s also important to release the muscles around the pelvis like quads, hip flexors, adductors, as well as thoracic mobility too. There are 3 levels to the pelvis, which means there isn’t just one movement that opens all 3 levels. To open the inlet or the top of the pelvis where the baby first enters, we want to focus on external rotation of the legs (think wide knees positions). The next level is the mid pelvis where the baby rotates through. This opens with asymmetrical movements with both internal and external rotation of the legs (elevated cat cow, 90/90 switches, asymmetrical lunges, belly to thigh single leg RDLs). The final level is the outlet where the baby exits the pelvis and this opens more with internal rotation (knees in, ankles out like childs pose rockbacks in internal rotation). Your baby makes 4 cardinal rotations in your pelvis during labor. So, working on opening your pelvis and releasing your pelvic floor during pregnancy can help baby navigate through the pelvis and prevent la
3rd Tri - Proper Posture & Alignment (1 minute)
3rd Tri - Booty Blaster (19 minutes)
3rd Tri - Quickie Back & Posture (11 minutes)
3rd Tri - Legs Routine (14 minutes)
3rd Tri - Band Posture Routine (16 minutes)
3rd Tri - Express Upper Body (22 minutes)
3rd Tri - Hip Circle Glutes (13 minutes)
3rd Tri - Wall Angels (4 minutes)
3rd Tri - Triceps & Posture (12 minutes)
3rd Tri - Leg Workout (17 minutes)
3rd Tri - Mid Back Pain Routine (12 minutes)
3rd Tri - Outer & Inner Thighs (8 minutes)
3rd Tri - Total Body Circuit (11 minutes)
3rd Tri - Posture (17 minutes)
3rd Tri - Glutes No Equipment (15 minutes)
3rd Tri - Upper Body Routine (18 minutes)
3rd Tri - Pelvic Floor Lengthening Routine (7 minutes)
3rd Tri - Floor Routine, No Equipment (9 minutes)
3rd Tri - Prep for Birth (14 minutes)
3rd Tri - Lats (6 minutes)
3rd Tri - Birth Prep w/Stability Ball (10 minutes)
3rd Tri - 34+ Weeks Routine (15 minutes)
3rd Tri - Weeks 38+ Routine