30 Day Booty Building Challenge

If you're looking to build a perkier backside, you must shape it with muscle! This means you need to use a variety of exercises that work the glutes, hamstrings and inner/outer thighs from different angles, with different techniques, sequences, rep ranges and load. The glutes need volume, regularity, and direct activation in order to respond. If there’s any muscle that will grow from high training frequency, the glutes are it.

I have put together a 30 day workout plan that specifically focuses on the butt! I put a lot of thought into the order of this list. There are rest days every few days. So, if you miss a day, you can always catch up on the rest days. You can do ALL of these workouts at home!

When it comes to seeing results, the two most important factors are consistency and the mind-muscle connection. That means you need to stick with the workout plan and focus on every rep with each workout. I tried to make this list as easy as possible to follow. Just click on the workout title next to the given day and you'll be taken directly to the video. If you are too sore one day, I recommend skipping a day and catching up the next day. I organized the workouts so that each day focuses on different parts of the lower body and glutes. That will prevent the same exact muscles from being worked 2 days in a row.

Remember, the glutes grow with food and strength training. So, make sure you are taking in lots of protein and water. You will need a mini band (light - medium works best) for a few of these workouts. The majority of the workouts only require a mat and sometimes the edge of your couch/ottoman or dumbbells. Happy gluting!

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