30 Minute Mobility Routine




The human body is a stack of joints that alternate between mobility-based or stability-based needs. The ankle's primary need is mobility, while the knee's primary need is stability; the hip's primary need is mobility, and the lumbar spine needs stability. If a "mobile" joint loses range of motion, this will lead to a "stable" joint attempting to compensate for this loss of motion. This compensation will affect the whole chain of stacked joints that make up our body. Often when someone is experiencing knee pain (stable joint), the actual cause of this pain originates from issues at either the joint above or below the knee (the hip or ankle, which are mobile joints). 

This 30 minute mobility routine (stretches and mobility drills), combined with patience and consistency, will have you moving well and feeling better!

Remember, when you first start with mobility work, you want to be sure not to push into ranges your body is not yet ready for. It is important to assess, observe, and become aware of your restrictions and what your body is currently capable of. Your range of motion will improve over time. 

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