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21 Day Challenge Back & Posture
$0.00 3 Sections 21 Lessons

This 21 day challenge focuses on the back and postural muscles. These muscles are often under activated and rarely trained properly. When muscles are weak, your body will compensate by forming bad movement habits and using the over activated muscles. This means you need to be doing correct exercises with proper form and CONSISTENT activation to see changes and alleviate back pain. 

For these workouts, you will need several pairs of dumbbells. I suggest light weights (5-8 lbs), medium weights (8-10 lbs), and heavier weights (12-20 lbs). This will help you effectively challenge each muscle group. I also suggest having light-medium resistance bands. These can be the type with handles or the long strips of rubber. 

I have added in some rest days throughout the 21 days. Use these days to work other body parts, or you can use these as make--up days if you're fallen behind in the challenge. 

21 Day Challenge Butts & Guts
$0.00 3 Sections 21 Lessons

This 3 week program will effectively hit the glutes from all angles to help shape and tone the booty! There's also lots of great core work thrown in too. Most of the workouts are done on the floor. Many movements require no equipment, but you'll need some dumbbells and mini bands to train the glute muscles in some of the workouts. You can use inexpensive mini loop rubbery bands or a Hip Circle fabric band. 

21 Day Challenge Total Body
$0.00 3 Sections 21 Lessons

This 3 week challenge effectively works the full body. These circuit routines train the upper body, lower body, and core. As long as you have a couple sets of dumbbells, you will be able to do all of the workouts. These workouts range in length from 20 minutes to 50 minutes. 

If you are too sore one day, take a day off and make it up later. 

This is a great way to kick start your metabolism, build muscle, and burn fat!